Academic Appeal Requirements

Academic Appeal Requirements


It is important that students who have been suspended from Lindenwood University take the requirement to appeal seriously.

The following form will ask for details that led to your suspension and what changes you will make should your appeal be approved. Outlining specific steps of improvement is encouraged. Instead of saying, “I will work harder,” you might say, “I will work with tutors for two hours each week and maintain communication with my professors for assistance and clarification before major assignments.” Using professional grammar and precise language is beneficial when completing this form.

If supporting evidence is available, such as medical documentation, you will have a chance to include this evidence with your appeal submission.

Any questions regarding this process may be directed to Jill Green ( in Academic Services.

  • If you have a Lindenwood account, please use this form for appeal.
  • If you no longer have a Lindenwood account or are unable to login, use this form for appeal.
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