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Honors College

The Lindenwood University Honors College offers students a special opportunity to be recognized for excellence and extra effort in their courses. Graduating with University Honors is the highest award Lindenwood bestows.

This achievement is announced at graduation, and the recipient wears a purple braid at the ceremony. "University Honors" also appears on the student's diploma and transcript. All courses completed for Honors credit are designated as such on the student's transcript. The president of the University also presents a certificate to those graduating with University Honors at the Honors Convocation.

University Honors are reserved for exceptional students who demonstrate intelligence, initiative, and perseverance in fulfilling requirements beyond those asked of others. Meeting these expectations exhibits their commitment to excellence.

To apply for membership in the Honors College an incoming freshman must score a 29 or above on the ACT. A transferring or returning student must have a 3.3 GPA to apply. Honors courses are offered in two formats. Each semester several courses have Honors sections where every student in that section is enrolled for Honors credit. These sections are smaller, with more class discussion and individual contact with the professors. The other format allows any undergraduate course on campus to be taken for Honors credit with the permission of the professor. A student must earn an A in the course and successfully complete an extra project mutually agreed upon by the professor and student.

To graduate with University Honors, a student must complete 24 hours of honors credit. Of the total 24 credits, only 6 may be 100-level courses; the rest must be 200-level or above. Moreover, students may fulfill the requirements by taking all 200-level and above courses. In order to maintain active membership and enroll in courses early each term, four honors courses must be completed by the start of a student's junior year and six at the outset of senior year to remain active in the Honors College. 

Undergraduate students in the School of Accelerated Degree Programs also have the opportunity to graduate with Academic Honors and information on those requirements may be found on the Academic Honors Catalog page. Students also may belong to the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society. For more information on these opportunities in the School of Accelerated Degree Programs, please contact Dr. Saint Rice.

To apply or to receive more information, please contact Dr. Rachel Douchant or Dr. Mike Whaley or complete the application below.

Honors College - Program Application

Honors College - Project Contract

Honor Society - Membership Application


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