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Investor Readiness Program (IRP)

The Investor Readiness Program (IRP) is an intensive program to prepare ventures for consideration by sophisticated investors. It is difficult to overcome an inauspicious first impression. For that reason, ITEN highly recommends that all ventures go through our Investor Readiness Program before approaching potential investors.

Program Components

Entrepreneur in Residence

A dedicated EIR will guide you through the process.

Mock Angel Pitch Sessions

Two sessions (initial and graduation) to receive feedback on your fundraising pitch from expert panel.

Due Diligence Review

Review of key documents typically required by sophisticated investors.

Graduation Benefits

Introduction to Investors

Introduction to 75+ ITEN-affiliated investors and investor groups.

Service Provider Perks

Reduced and/or pro bono services are available to Investor Readiness Program graduates.

ITEN Companies can access the Investor Readiness Program application by logging in to their account on our Union platform.

If you are not yet an ITEN company, start the process.

Program Graduates




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