The Eureka Experience: Ideation

The Eureka Experience: Ideation

Eureka Experience Ideation
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Do you have an idea and want to explore potential business models? Are you looking to pivot or expand your business and need to figure out the best direction?

Joining ITEN gets you immediate access to the powerful LEANSTACK platform of tools and playbooks, as well as monthly Eureka Ideation Essentials sessions to support your journey and hold you accountable!

Eureka Ideation Essentials sessions are held from 3:15 - 4:30 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of the month as part of the new ITEN Innovation Matrix!

Eureka Ideation Essentials sessions provide key support for entrepreneurs using the dynamic Lean Canvas and other tools, along with key entrepreneurial mindsets that will help determine the best business model and path to customers. Attend as often as you need to get off to a strong start, while also building your peer & mentor support network!

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The Ideation component of The Eureka Experience is currently available free-of-charge to ITEN member companies thanks to the support of a U.S. EDA SPRINT Challenge grant.

Hear more from Burl Stamp, a Fall 2020 participant:

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to love the problem more than your solution & avoid "Innovator's Bias"
  • Test the riskiest assumptions in your business model using the Lean Canvas.
  • Build an executable Traction Roadmap based on the goals for your business.
  • Develop a strong elevator pitch--a must have in a founder's toolbox!