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Who We Are

The mission of the Student Success Center (SSC) is to work with students to help define, clarify, and achieve student academic goals and persistence through student advising and retention management. The SSC

  • Provides academic advising to current School of Accelerated Degree Program undergraduate students, while empowering them to make informed choices regarding academic programs and cluster/course selection.
  • Assists students in developing dynamic learning strategies to fulfill educational goals.
  • Is the central point of contact to guide students to appropriate campus and community resources.

What We Do

The Student Success Center (SSC) assists students by monitoring academic progress and providing information, and assistance with educational concerns. Some of the specific on-going services available to students in the School of Accelerated Degree Programs are

Academic Advising

Our staff provides pre-registration advisement to current students, drop/add counseling, referrals for tutoring and other areas, assistance in selecting a major, and assistance in developing realistic schedules and course loads.

Student Success Coaching

We believe in the holistic support of our students and are available to assist in understanding and coping with the challenges of being college students. The SSC offers various resources and individual coaching to aid in the transition to college.

Retention & Academic Progress Monitoring
Our staff monitors the academic progress of all students enrolled in the School of Accelerated Degree Programs. We provide early intervention outreach and assistance to struggling students to help them succeed in their programs of study.

College Survival/Study Skills Sessions
Throughout each quarter, sessions will be offered to enhance the academic and personal growth of students. Staff are also available to provide individual coaching in the following topic areas: time management, study skills, training on student resources (e.g. Canvas, Student Portal, PC Common), and test-taking strategies.  

Link to Resources
We also assist in identifying additional campus and community resources to contribute to our students’ success (e.g. financial aid, tutoring, career services and counseling).

Contact Us

Whether you need answers to questions, need to set up an academic advising appointment, or just need additional support and resources, contact us by phone or email or set up an individual meeting.

The Student Success Center Hours of Operations
Monday-Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Room 202, Lindenwood University Cultural Center, St. Charles Campus

Individual appointments can be scheduled at other site locations as needed. 

Call us at 636-627-4503. You can also email our staff at  if you have individual questions.

How do I apply for admission into the School of Accelerated Degree programs?

To schedule a visit or apply for admission to the School of Accelerated Degree Programs, visit

What type of programs are offered?

We have undergraduate and graduate programs. Look at our catalog for more information about our degree programs and course descriptions.

What is financial aid and how do I apply for it?

Financial aid refers to any federal and state aid, grants, and loans, available to students to help offset the cost of higher education.

The Financial Aid Office has compiled a list of resources to help you apply for financial aid. The financial aid FAQ has a list of resources to help you start the financial aid process.

The Financial Aid Office is always available to answer any questions. Their office hours are 8 a.m.-6 p.m. on Monday–Thursday,  8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Friday, and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday.  You can stop by the office, which is located on the lower level of Roemer Hall on the St. Charles campus, or you can call 636-949-4923.

Who do I contact about information about scholarship, grants, or employer tuition subsidies to help fund my education expenses?

Contact your admission representative at the Office of Evening and Graduate Admission at 636-949-4933 for more information.

When is tuition due?

The School of Accelerated Degree Programs tuition and fees are due by the first day of class. All payments can be made at the Business Office. The business office has a list of resources and frequently asked questions about paying tuition and fees.

What is Office 365, Student Portal, PC Common, and Canvas? How do I access them?

  • Office 365: Your Office 365 will act as your student email account. Your email is considered the official medium for the University to contact you. It is important for you to check your email regularly to be updated on very important information.
  • Student Portal: Your Student Portal will allow you to access important information, including accessing your schedule, financial aid balance, course offerings, online tutoring, and registering for classes.
  • PC Common: PC Common can be accessed on your Student Portal; you will find it on the bottom left side of the homepage. In PC Common, you will find your first assignment that will be due on the first day of class. In addition, you will also find your textbook list and first class information on PC Common.
  • Canvas: Canvas will allow you to access course materials and submit assignments online. You can often find your syllabi on Blackboard. Activities and tests may also be administered on the web. In addition, the online format allows opportunities for group collaborations and learning allowing for online discussion and chatting on virtual classrooms.

How do I receive tutoring for my classes?

Lindenwood University has many tutoring resources to assist students with their classes.

  • Quantitative Learning Center: The center has staff available at various sites to assist students with their classes. They can assist you with the math placement test, math courses, statistics, economics, finance, and accounting. The Quantitative Learning Center is located in Room 100 in the Cultural Center on the St. Charles campus and at various site locations. Please call (636) 627-4327 or email or for more information. For an updated list of hours and site locations, you can access this information in your PC Common under the heading “Quantitative Learning Center.”
  • Writing Center Services, Tutoring Services, and Online Tutoring Services- Smarthinking: There are various tutoring services and resources on and off campus to assist you with your classwork.

Meet Our Staff

Cayla Van Loo
Student Success Specialist I

Cayla Van Loo is leading the new Student Success Center. She holds a Master of Science in education with an emphasis in student affairs administration in higher education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a Bachelor of Science in professional and organizational communications and marketing communications from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Prior to joining Lindenwood University, she served as multicultural specialist for the University of Iowa’s Center for Diversity & Enrichment. Cayla has a very strong background in retention and supporting at-risk students.

Emily Albers
Student Success Specialist II

Emily Albers started her role as Student Success Specialist II in August 2016. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and is earning her Master of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Human Resources at Lindenwood. Emily has served as a Career Development Intern at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has extensive experience working in a university setting.

Lindenwood University
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St. Charles, MO 63301