Student Advising
and Support Services (SASS)

Student Advising
and Support Services (SASS)


Lindenwood University will be utilizing a hybrid format for the majority of classes during the upcoming fall term. SASS remains dedicated to supporting all students and will be available to meet virtually this semester. Please contact your Lion Life Coach (below) to schedule a virtual meeting.

Student Advising and Support Services (SASS) supports the Lindenwood University student community through academic engagement, problem resolution, and provision of resources. We are committed to a student-centered environment reinforcing retention and persistence to graduation by encouraging academic and individual development along with social responsibility.

SASS supports the mission statement of Lindenwood University by

  • coordinating and communicating with all Lindenwood University campuses as a student liaison in support of student progression and problem solving;
  • using established tools to identify and focus on learning styles, academic goals, and the talents of all students, including those at risk; and,
  • treating all Lindenwood University students, faculty, and staff with professional respect in support of diversity, student success, and educational opportunity.

Lion Life Coach

Lion Life Coaches are available to form a supportive and coaching relationship with students. Lion Life Coaches help with the transition to college living as well as the development of learning strategies* such as time management, goal setting, stress management, study habits, and exam preparation. Each member of SASS is the Lion Life Coach for an academic college. Find your Life Coach below.

*Any students who would like assistance with learning strategies outside of regular business hours are encouraged to connect with a Success Tutor via our free, 24/7 online tutoring service.

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