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Life as a Historical Studies Major

BA and Minor degrees offered in Traditional formats

What can you get involved in outside of class when you're a Historical Studies student at Lindenwood? You've got several options!

History and Geography Club  

This group is open to everyone interested in history and geography. History and geography students, their friends, and program faculty take a field trip every semester.

The Faculty Advisor, Dr. Patrick O’Banion, would like to hear from you. Contact him at

Social Events

You can join with other majors to play trivia, organize a Trivia Night, watch movies, or come up with a new activity.

History and Geography Forum

Each semester we hear a professor discuss the travails of doing research and making sense out of the senseless. Read more here.

Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society

Phi Alpha Theta is the American honor society for students and professors of history. Once you have competed 12 semester hours in history, have at least a GPA of 3.1 in history and a GPA of 3.0 overall, you are eligible for membership. We always celebrate initiation with a reception.

The Faculty Advisor, Dr. Michael Whaley, would like to hear from you. Contact him at

History and Geography Internships

 All Historical Studies majors gain practical work experience as well as broadening their understanding of history through an internship. If you want to teach high school you will student teach. If your interests lie in another direction, you will work at an area museum, archive, or historical site. Read more. 

The Faculty Advisor, Dr. Kris Smith, would like to hear from you. Contact her at

Study Abroad for a Semester at York St. John University

 Students have a chance to spend a fall or spring semester in York, England studying within sight of the medieval city walls in England’s northern capital.

 History, English literature, Religion, Theatre, Geography, International Relations, Biology and other classes are available for credit in your major, minor, gen ed, or elective.

 The Study Abroad Advisor, Dr. Jo Ellen Kerksiek, would like to hear from you. Contact her at

History and Geography Undergraduate Conference

You will have an opportunity to rework and present research projects that were initially developed as part of your coursework.  We all gather to support you. The best paper receives a certificate and a cash prize.

Student Awards

The Phi Alpha Theta History Award goes to an outstanding history major.

The Schoenhard American Heritage Award is for outstanding achievement in the study of American values.

Present Papers at Research Conferences 

Lindenwood University Student Research Conference (formerly Lindenwood University Student Research Symposium and Exposition)

Missouri Conference on History

Alpha Chi National Convention

Mid-America American Studies Association

Truman State University Undergraduate Philosophy and Religion Conference

University Honors―Sibley and Easton Award Winners

Not infrequently history students have been recognized university-wide. The Sibley Award goes to the graduating male student who “exemplifies the ideals of scholarship, leadership, loyalty and service to the university and the community.”

Graduation Dinner 

You will be invited to a graduation dinner, hosted by the department faculty, to celebrate the end of your college career and the beginning of the next stage of your life. We’re not saying “good-bye,” but “we’ve enjoyed having you with us and keep in touch.”

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