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Pre-Professional degrees offered in Traditional formats

Lindenwood University offers a pre-law program that will prepare you to pursue a juris doctor degree at an accredited law school.  

If you wish to attend law school, you can major in any undergraduate discipline. Law schools are interested in students who have a sound and broad general education. However, they seek students who are proficient at basic skills such as reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing competence, and oral communication. 


You should take the following classes if you desire to enter law school:  

ACCT 21010: Principles of Financial Accounting 

ECON 23020: Principles of Microeconomics 

ECON 23030: Principles of Macroeconomics 

ECON 23010: Survey of Economics 

MGMT 26061: Business Law I 

MGMT 36062: Business Law II 

MGMT 46063: Business Law III 

COM 10500: Group Dynamics and Effective Speaking 

COM 11000: Fundamentals of Oral Communication 

PHL 21500: Traditional Logic 

PHL 35000: Philosophy of Law 

PS 15500: American Government: The Nation 

PS 30700: Public Affairs: Writing and Reporting 

PS 31100: American Constitutional Law 

PS 36000: Civil Liberties 

PS 45000: Government Internship 

SOC 31800/ANT 31800: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: A Global Perspective 

SOC 32100: Urban Sociology 

SW 10000: Intercultural Communication 

If you major in political science, public administration, or business administration, you can easily complete many of these classes along with your general education and respective degree requirements without exceeding the minimum 120 credit hours needed for graduation.  

Please note that completion of these courses does not entitle you to any type of minor, emphasis, or certificate, and does not ensure acceptance into a graduate law program. 

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