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Michael Mason

Michael MasonDr. Mason is the chair of the Religion Department, and has 27 years of experience in teaching courses in the academic study of religion at Lindenwood. Before coming to Lindenwood, he served for 16 years in parish ministry, youth ministry and Christian education. His main field of study is how faith develops in individuals and the role of religion in peoples’ lives. He holds degrees in the Developmental Psychology of Religion and Faith, Guidance and Counseling, Religious Studies, and Theology and Ministry. Another area of interest is in the history of the dialogue between science and religion from the pre-Socratic philosophers to modern Quantum Theory, which is a vestigial remnant of an undergraduate degree in Zoology.

W. Travis McMaken

W. Travis McMakenDr. McMaken is associate professor of religion, chair of Interdisciplinary Studies, and assistant dean of Multidisciplinary Humanities in the School of Humanities at Lindenwood University's St. Charles, MO campus. His writing engages primarily with 20th century theology (esp. Protestant theology, with specialization in Karl Barth, Helmut Gollwitzer, and T. F. Torrance) while working constructively on the subjects of sacramentology, ecclesiology, and political theology.

Nichole Torbitzky

Nichole TorbitzkyNichole Torbitzky received a doctorate from Claremont Graduate University, in Claremont, CA. She taught Critical Thinking at the University of LaVerne. Her current research investigates Whiteheadian notions of subjective form and the internal relations subjective form has on the ordering of eternal objects in the primordial nature of God. Torbitzky is an assistant professor of religion and teaches courses on World Religions, Islam, Indian Religions, History of Christianity, and Women and Religion.

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