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Apr 1

Updated Policies and Procedures

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Lindenwood University faculty and staff are working from home and all on-campus offices are closed to the public and university employees. Lindenwood personnel and offices are available for business by telephone and email to provide continuity in university operations and student support services. Please visit for more information.

Big enough to offer lots of opportunities.
Small enough to know YOU!

Benefits of Humanities

  • Learn what employers and grad schools truly value.
  • Think critically, write clearly, figure out solutions.

  • Prepare for a career, not just your first job.

  • Understand information, learn how to find it, and figure out how to use it.

  • Gain important experience through High Impact Practices, such as capstone courses, internships, and global learning opportunities.
  • Do the things a robot can't do.

Develop Flexible and Innovative Thinking

A strong background in the humanities develops flexible and innovative thinking that is so very important to every business in today's rapidly changing economy.

Hear for yourself what recent graduates have to say about us.

Humanities in the REAL World

Discover What Employers Value

There is an enormous part of the economy hungry for graduates with skills in analysis and communications -- skills students are honoring as they conduct close readings of texts, persuade their classmates in seminars and hone the style and structure of papers.

Paul Fain
"Philosophy Degrees and Sales Jobs"
Inside Higher Ed

AAC&U's employer surveys confirm, year after year, that the skills employers value most in the new graduates they hire are not technical, job-specific skills, but written and oral communication, problem solving, and critical thinking— exactly the sort of "soft skills" humanities majors tend to excel in.

Wilson Peden 
"Why critics are wrong about liberal arts degrees"

Let's not forget what Steve Jobs said as recently as the iPad 2 launch: "It's in Apple's DNA that technology alone is not enough. That it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing."

Tracy Carlson
"Humanities and business go hand in hand"
Boston Globe

It's no accident that many of our future medical school students attended liberal arts colleges. We look for students who are curious about and have an understanding of humanity, our history, our present and our future. An education that blends art and science not only helps them become great physicians who care about patients, but also helps them become exceptional citizens of the world. 

Kathleen Franco, M.D. 
"Boost Medical School Prep With Undergrad Courses in Other Fields"
U.S. News

80% of employers believe "that all students need a strong foundation in the liberal arts [humanities] and sciences"

Lynn Pasquerella 
"Yes, Employers Do Value Liberal Arts Degrees"
Harvard Business Review

"Even STEM-centric jobs require basic writing skills: for example, it's the second most-requested professional skill for engineering and IT occupations. However, many employers find graduates lacking in this area."

"Humanities and Social Science majors please apply"
Pearson 2019

School of Humanities News

School of Humanities

Humanities Students Earn National Publication, Pushcart Prize Nomination

The Lindenwood University School of Humanities is celebrating two significant student publishing successes by senior English majors Abigail Rose Manis and Emerson Holmes. Manis published a scholarly paper in a national peer-reviewed journal, and a creative work by Holmes published in 2019 was nominated for a prestigious Pushcart Prize.

School of Humanities

McMaken Delivers Public Lecture in Hanover, Germany

Dr. W. Travis McMaken, associate professor of religion and assistant dean of humanities at Lindenwood University, delivered a public lecture, “‘Freedom Is Not Free’: Karl Barth and American Politics” in Hanover, Germany, on Dec. 10, 2019.

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