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English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

The Lindenwood University English as a Second Language Program is a full-time English instruction program designed for international students who want to improve their English language skills.

The English as a Second Language program prepares students for university-level academic work in English, but it can also meet the needs of individuals seeking to increase their English proficiency independent of an undergraduate or graduate program. All ESL courses will be based on a 16-week schedule; students are required to have 30 contact hours of English instruction per week.

For more information about our curriculum and services, please email David Cintel at

For more information about program application, cost, and scholarships, please email the International Student Office of Admissions at


Frequently Asked Questions

How many terms will my program be?

The English as a Second Language Program at Lindenwood is typically completed in two terms (9 months). The exact length of your program depends on your English language skills.  Your scores on the English language placement exam will determine the ESL level in which you are placed. For this reason, the exact duration of your program cannot be determined until after you arrive on campus and after you have completed your English placement exam. However, please plan for your program to last between 4 ½ months (one term) to 9 months (two terms).

How many classes will I take?

The ESL curriculum is designed to offer maximum exposure to English. As a result, you will be required to take three courses per term with a total of 30 contact hours per week for each term.

When should I arrive and leave?

Your program begins at the start of orientation and does not end until after the last class of your last term. You must schedule your travel accordingly. However, because the exact duration of your program will depend on the results of your placement testing, you may not know your program end-date when you purchase your ticket. For that reason, be aware that you may have to reschedule your departing flight according to the end dates of your final term. Please note, if you miss any exams because of your travel schedule, you may not be eligible for a grade in the corresponding course.

What is orientation?

During the orientation program, you will be introduced to the University as a whole and to the ESL program. You will receive information regarding all immigration and legal documentation issues. You will undergo placement testing. You will also meet with your academic advisor and receive your schedule. Your orientation week will be quite busy. For these reasons, it is critical that you attend orientation. Please note, if you do not attend orientation, you may not be permitted to begin your program.

If I have submitted a TOEFL Score, do I have to take English Language Placement Exam?

Yes, all students must take the English placement exam. Your TOEFL score is a requirement for admission to the University. However, it cannot fully determine your correct placement within our program. For this reason, your proficiency must be evaluated in person. The placement exam contains listening, speaking, and writing components. Because this onsite testing determines exactly which courses you will take, you will not have a finalized schedule until you complete the placement testing.

What should I do now?

At this time, you should continue to keep in touch with the University.

  1. When your visa has been granted, email the Office of International Students and Scholars ( and the ESL program (
  2. Send another email to both offices with your travel plans as soon as you have scheduled them.
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