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Interdisciplinary Studies

BA degrees offered in Traditional, Online and Evening formats

Interdisciplinary Studies at Lindenwood University is an exciting program that allows you to custom-build your major to ensure that you get the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to succeed in your future.


The world is changing rapidly, and you need the knowledge, skills, and experience to change with it as you craft your future. Interdisciplinary studies focuses on critical thinking and communication abilities and develops graduates who are curious, adaptable, and excellent at solving problems. 

As a student in Lindenwood University’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, you will develop:

  • A broad understanding of human cultures as well as the physical natural world.
  • The skills to communicate effectively.
  • Essential habits of mind to think across intellectual boundaries to solve problems strategically and collaboratively.

These necessary skills will set you apart in today’s corporate and non-profit worlds, as well as in the federal, state, and local government sectors.

In addition to taking courses within Interdisciplinary Studies itself, you will identify and complete three “concentrations” in disciplines of your choice. You can select these concentrations from virtually any of the many undergraduate programs that Lindenwood offers [note: link to programs list]. This highly flexible structure allows you to pursue your interests and craft a highly unique educational profile to take with you into interviews, workplaces, and throughout your whole career. You will be prepared to make a valuable and diversified contribution to society regardless of your career path.  

The department offers the following major degree program, which can be completed either in the traditional, in-person format or online:

Our Faculty

The faculty at Lindenwood University is comprised of easily accessible scholars and teachers with earned doctorates who act as instructors, mentors, and academic advisors. Small class sizes ensure that you will receive individualized attention in your studies at Lindenwood. If you are interested in learning more about the Interdisciplinary Studies major, please contact Dr. W. Travis McMaken at

Jobs in Interdisciplinary Studies

What can you do with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies? Almost anything! What you will do with this degree depends on the unique educational profile that you create for yourself, but a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies prepares you for success in any career by making you an intellectually curious and flexible thinker as well as a confident communicator.

Early Access to Graduate Programs

Full time BA Interdisciplinary Studies students maintaining an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher may take up to nine credit hours of graduate level coursework at Lindenwood University during their senior year, taking no more than six graduate credit hours concurrently. Such graduate credit hours will count toward a graduate degree and not toward the bachelor’s degree. Other stipulations apply.

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