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International Relations

BA and Minor degrees offered in Traditional formats

Do you aspire to work as a professional in another country in fields like international affairs, business, law, journalism, or politics? If you do, then you are the perfect candidate for a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at Lindenwood University.

If you wish to earn an International Relations degree at Lindenwood University, three options are available: a BA in International Relations, a BA in International Relations with an emphasis in Security Studies, and a BA in International Relations with an emphasis in Asian Studies. These degree programs require 39 credit hours. All three programs require you to complete 21 credit hours in areas such as international relations, diplomatic affairs, and American foreign policy. In your remaining 18 credit hours, you will have an option to study topics such as federalism, global business and society, and much more.

Consult with your advisor about international relations and create an academic path suited to your interests and needs.

When you major in International Relations at Lindenwood, we recommend you have at least a basic proficiency in a foreign language before completing the program. Although not a requirement, you are also encouraged to participate in a university study abroad program to develop your international orientation.

See a list of International Relations Course Descriptions to see the range of possible courses you might be taking.

What You Can Do with a Degree in International Relations

Earning a degree in international relations can prepare you for a career in a variety of fields. Business, politics, government, and law are common fields that graduates pursue. If you choose to not follow one of those career paths, the skills you acquire as an international relations student are transferable and sought after in today's workplace.

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