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Political Science

BA and Minor degrees offered in Traditional formats

The political science program at Lindenwood University will educate you in political processes and governments.

Lindenwood University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, which requires 36 credit hours. You will study American government, political philosophy, policy analysis statistics, and governmental and economic research. You will also have the option of studying topics like debate, public affairs, American constitutional law, civil liberties, and many more. As a political science student at Lindenwood University, you will study politics and government through intense reading and writing as well as statistics. These courses will not only help you understand how political systems work but will prepare you for graduate school or law school. From your first day as a political science student at Lindenwood University, you will begin to develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills that are essential to success in other disciplines and the public and private sector.

You will also be required to take basic statistics to fulfill the general math requirement.

Opportunities are available for governmental internships. You can speak with your academic advisor for more information on these amazing opportunities to learn more about the government in the workplace.

See a list of Political Science Course Descriptions to see a range of possible courses you might be taking.

What Can I Do With a Political Science Degree?

After graduation, political science majors are prepared with critical thinking skills that are used in many areas of the business and academic worlds. Another frequent path for political science majors is graduate study or law school. 

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