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Master of Arts in Journalism

MA offered in Traditional and Hybrid formats

Earn a master of arts degree in journalism from Lindenwood University.

Earning a Master of Arts in Journalism

Earn a master of arts degree in journalism at Lindenwood University. The MA in Journalism will provide you with a firm foundation in critical theories and trends, as well as the practical application and problem solving involved in broadcast and print. As a journalism graduate student at Lindenwood, you will be exposed to various approaches in the field, provided with the history and ethics of journalism, guiding principles, and its role in a global society. News gathering and story composition techniques are applied to print, broadcast, and electronic media.

The master’s in journalism is offered in a hybrid environment, combining online courses with traditional classroom courses. Earning the MA degree in journalism requires 36 credit hours and will give you the chance to study topics like photojournalism, contemporary digital rights, television news reporting, and mass communications law.

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