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One-Year Fast Track: Art History and Visual Culture (MA)

One-Year Fast Track: Art History and Visual Culture (MA)

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Earn a master of arts degree in art history and visual culture from Lindenwood University in an online or hybrid environment.

Earning a Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Culture

You have the chance to earn a Master of Arts degree in Art History and Visual Culture in just one year, with our new fast track program. The MA in Art History and Visual Culture will provide you with a broad foundation and exploration of the visual arts and culture in various eras. You will develop a greater knowledge of the salient works of art through the exploration of diverse approaches and the examination of varied materials. Traditional and contemporary approaches to the discipline are introduced with a firm grounding in research and methods. The program seeks to reveal the structures within which works of art were produced, how they were utilized, and the manners in which visual culture communicates meaning.

The MA in Art History and Visual Culture requires 36 credit hours. This flexibility allows you to combine online with traditional classroom courses in a schedule that works for you.

Required Equipment

This program has immersive reality technologies integrated throughout the curriculum and requires use of a virtual reality headset identified by the department and associated applications. Immersive realities, such as virtual reality, provide a fully immersive educational experience that leads to greater engagement and understanding of subjects covered in classes. Students are not only able to engage with the material, other students, and their instructor; they also can better understand the context of those relationships while immersed in the virtual environment. These experiences support the learning outcomes for the program and prepare students for use of these technologies in their professions.

This degree uses entirely Open Educational Resources or no-cost textbooks.

Please note, in order to be considered for the Fast Track option in Art History, students must possess an undergraduate degree in Art History or a related field with extensive coursework in Art History; have a 3.5 GPA in their major coursework or submit GRE test results; and demonstrate progress towards or completion of the foreign language requirement upon applying for the program.