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International Relations (BA) with emphasis in Asian Studies

BA offered in Traditional and Online formats

Students will no longer be admitted into the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with Asian Studies Emphasis beginning Fall 2021. The academic program of Bachelor of Arts in International Relations is available to incoming students who wish to obtain additional international relations experience.

The Asia-Pacific region has become the highlight of the world’s economic and political development in this century. Some scholars are already calling the twenty-first century the “Pacific Century,” so prepare yourself for the global cutting edge with the Asian Studies emphasis. In addition to providing you with a comprehensive foundation in the field of international relations, the Asian Studies Emphasis will give you the knowledge and skills you need to understand the politics, economics, and cultural traditions of the Asia-Pacific Region. The Asian Studies emphasis allows you to focus on some of the most economically dynamic, culturally rich, and politically vital countries in the world. As the global economic influence of China and other Asian countries continuously increases, the demand in both government and the private sector for individuals with a deep knowledge of Asia has exploded. When combined with the study of Mandarin, this emphasis will help you acquire knowledge and build skills allowing you to work in a wide variety of areas.

Topics include Asian cinema, History of Asia, and more.

Degree requirements

Arts and Humanities Social Media

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