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W. Travis McMaken

W. Travis McMaken

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W. Travis McMaken

W. Travis McMaken

Professor, Religion

McCluer Hall 112
(636) 627-2507

Biographical Information

Dr. McMaken is the Butler Bible Endowed professor of religion and associate dean of College of Arts and Humanities at Lindenwood University. His writing engages primarily with 20th-century theology (esp. Protestant theology, with specialization in Karl Barth, Helmut Gollwitzer, and T. F. Torrance) while working constructively on the subjects of sacramentology, ecclesiology, and political theology.

Courses Taught

Dr. McMaken has taught the following courses:

  • Star Wars and Religion
  • World Religions
  • Jesus
  • Christianity & Politics
  • The Story of Christianity
  • Religions of China
  • Christian Theology
  • Protestant and Catholic Reformations
  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Love & Sex (Interdisciplinary seminar)
  • Drugs & Medicine (Interdisciplinary seminar)
  • Thor & Friends (First-year seminar)


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