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Digital Marketing (BS)

Digital Marketing (BS)

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Digital Marketing (BS) will become Social Media Marketing (BS) beginning Fall 2024. Incoming students will be admitted into the Social Media Marketing (BS) program. Current and incoming students with questions should contact their advisor in the College of Arts and Humanities.

Bachelor of Science (BS) offered in On-campus and Online formats.

Digital Marketing (BS)

Lindenwood University offers you the chance to earn a bachelor of science degree specializing in the field of digital marketing in an online or hybrid environment. Our St. Louis digital marketing bachelor's degree courses are designed to provide you with the skills needed to learn content marketing by creating, analyzing and optimizing social media content and campaigns.

As a student in this St. Louis digital marketing bachelor's degree program, you will develop a firm foundation in information gathering techniques and data analysis, real-world skills necessary to succeed as a social media and digital content strategist. You will learn to define and analyze audiences for and with social media and to measure the effectiveness of social media strategies.

Digital Marketing Faculty at Lindenwood University

You will be taught by some of the most knowledgeable instructors around. They have the educational background and real-world, professional skills in digital content, marketing, and social media. They understand the changing landscape of the industry and will prepare you for a career as a digital content strategist.

Coursework in Digital Marketing

While learning digital marketing at Lindenwood University, you will study in either an online or hybrid environment, combining online classes with on-campus, face-to-face, courses. Online and hybrid courses include Digital Content and Demographics, Personal Branding and Content Creation, and Contemporary Audience Analysis.

What Can You Do with Experience in Digital Marketing?

Social Media and Digital Content Strategist positions are two of the hottest jobs on the market today. You will be well-equipped and qualified to write and determine social media, marketing and online strategies for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. Job titles are sometimes different, sometimes using advertising, marketing, and promotions in titles. But with the durable power skills gained in this program, you will be prepared for any future.