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The Pre-Registration Process for WIN QTR 18 begins November 6. Registration begins November 13 at 7am Central Time. Current students must post their registration response in the MFA Students group in Canvas. Read all instructions and information posted and linked below. Contact your advisor with any questions (Beth Mead is the MFA Advisor for students whose last names begin with A-L; Gillian Parrish is the MFA Advisor for M-Z).

MFA Updates, Class Schedule, & Registration Info for WIN QTR 18


  • Degree Applications are due in the student portal by 12/30/17 for March and June graduates. 
  • The last day to drop FALL classes is 11/16/17. Email your MFA Advisor to drop classes.
  • The next MFA Reading event will be held on Friday, December 15, at 7pm in the new LARC building. Details will be posted on our blog and on Facebook.
  • The next AWP Conference will be held on March 7-10 in Tampa, Florida. MFA faculty members Tony D'Souza and Patricia Feeney will be attending and can meet with any MFA students who are able to attend. A limited number of discounted conference rates are available for our students. If you plan to attend, contact Gillian Parrish at to request the discount and to get in touch with attending faculty.
  • Congratulations to LU MFA alum Kaecey McCormick on being named the 2018-2019 Poet Laureate in Cupertino, CA. 
  • Gillian Parrish has started a new twitter account for our MFA program and The Lindenwood Review--follow us @LindenwoodMFA.
  • Upcoming holidays: The university will be closed 11/23, 11/24, 12/23 through 1/1, 1/15, and 3/30.
  • Missouri and Illinois students who usually take classes online may want to consider taking our 9-credit on-campus Foundational Fiction cluster for winter. Genre fiction stories may be workshopped in this cluster. See the link in the class schedule below for more information and an instructor video. This cluster will be held on Thursday nights, 6-10pm, in Lindenwood's new LARC building, which also houses a Starbucks and the Lindenwood library.
  • Thank you to all students who are working as editorial assistants on The Lindenwood Review! Vote tallies for Weeks 4-5 will be posted in our Canvas group soon. Week 8 content and final voting will be available in our Canvas group on 11/20. Contact Beth with any questions.


-Pre-Registration starts 11/6 (post response in MFA Canvas group)
-Registration opens 11/13 at 7am Central Time
-Preview date for online classes is 12/18
-Open Registration ends 12/21 (contact advisor for any schedule changes as of this date)
-Online classes start 1/8
-On-Campus Cluster starts 1/4
-No classes can be added after 1/12; whenever possible schedule changes should be made before the quarter begins (preview classes as of 12/18 to determine if you need to change your schedule)
-Spring Registration Info email sent on 2/12
-Last date to drop classes is 2/22 (tuition refunds are based on last date posted for the first three weeks)
-Winter Quarter ends 3/23


Registration instructions, the winter class schedule, and all related information is posted below. Click the arrow to the right of each heading to view details.


  • Exact course numbers (with all 5 digits the same) cannot be repeated for credit. Similar class titles are fine; if the first three digits of a course number are the same, check the last two digits of a course number on your transcript in your student portal to verify that a class will not be a repeat for you. A class is only a repeat if all five numbers are the same.
  • Note the Class Type on the info page for each class to determine if the class will work for you (for example, if the Class Type is Literature, there is no workshop session).
  • Make use of the preview period before the quarter begins (starting 12/18) to review the classes you are enrolled in, so you can make any needed class changes before the quarter begins.
  • See the textbook ordering post for a screenshot and instructions for ordering texts from Lindenwood's Barnes & Noble bookstore.



To view course descriptions, class types, and textbook info, click on each class title below. 


Online classes begin January 8; online first assignment info, preview date, and requirements can be viewed HERE. Online classes are three credit hours each. At least 6 credit hours are required for financial aid/student loan eligibility.

The on-campus cluster begins January 4; the cluster first assignment can be viewed here and in the class listing below. The on-campus cluster is 9 credit hours. 

WIN QTR 18 MFA Class Schedule

Online Classes: 

Click on each class title to view class type, course description, and textbook info. Textbook ordering info is available here. Classes are sorted by genre below (with specialized focus areas listed first).

IMF 51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA - Patricia Feeney

IMF 52400 Focused Scriptwriting Workshop - Zachary Vickers

IMF 54108 Special Topics Focused Workshop: Publishing Creative Writing - Nicole McInnes


IMF 52101 Focused Poetry Workshop: Ekphrastic Poetry - Eve Jones

IMF 52104 Focused Poetry Workshop: Poetry Bootcamp - Eve Jones

IMF 51702 Poetry Genres: The Sonnet - Anothai Kaewkaen

IMF 52100 Focused Poetry Workshop - Andrew Pryor

IMF 55300 Poetry Craft Foundations - Ryan Smith


IMF 52200 Focused Fiction Workshop - Kali VanBaale

IMF 53500 Fiction Writing Workshop - Tony D'Souza

IMF 54107 Special Topics Focused Workshop: Writing Flash Fiction - Zachary Vickers

IMF 54301 Genre Fiction as Literature: Young Adult Literature - Nicole McInnes

IMF 55602 The Prose Collection: Raymond Carver - Mary Anderson

IMF 55800 Adv Studies in Prose: Shakespearean Revisionist Fictions - Ted Morrissey

IMF 56100 Classic Foundational Literature: Fiction - Christopher Candice


IMF 52305 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Longform Narrative Journalism - Tony D'Souza

IMF 52308 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Personal Essay Craft & Workshop - David Hollingsworth

IMF 54109 Special Topics Focused Workshop: Spiritual Writing: Memoir - Wm Anthony Connolly

IMF 55600 The Prose Collection: Annie Dillard - Lisa Haag

IMF 56200 Classic Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction - Lisa Haag

IMF 58999 Graduate Thesis - Gillian Parrish

EMF 58999 Extension of Graduate Thesis - Gillian Parrish

On-Campus Cluster:

Foundational Fiction Cluster - Christopher Candice - Instructor Video

Includes Contemporary Foundational Fiction, Fiction Craft Foundations, and Fiction Workshop. Workshop pieces may include both literary fiction and genre fiction. Meets Thursdays 6-10pm in LARC 05.

Canvas Assignments for Registration

In our MFA Students Canvas group, click on Modules, and you will see several Assignments under the Registration module. All students should complete the Registration Response assignment, even if you are sitting out winter quarter (click on that assignment link for full instructions & info).

Optional assignments include the Thesis registration request (if your final quarter is WIN QTR 18), the Wait List request (post AFTER all sections of a class are full), and requesting to read in the MFA Reading event on December 15 (see assignments for details). Due dates are listed in the Canvas assignments.

Note that there is no longer a teacher grant assignment, due to a new process for this grant through Admissions (see Teacher Grant link for details).

Posting your Registration Response in Canvas - 11/6

Review the class schedule and click on each class title to read the course description, class type, and textbook info to determine which classes will work best for you for winter. 

Then you will post your registration response in the MFA Students group in Canvas (click on Modules to see assignment links). In your response, you will either request that your advisor enable your portal so that you may register yourself on 11/13 (highly recommended), or you will post your preferred class choices (and back-up choices) and request that your advisor enroll you (in the order of requests posted). Registration requests may be posted in Canvas as soon as the registration info email is received on 11/6, and it is highly recommended that you post there by November 12. 

The registration portal will open for enrollment on November 13 at 7am Central Time. Note that if you click the Registration button in the student portal before that date and time, you will receive an error message—that button is only used to self-enroll in classes during the open enrollment period starting 11/13, after you have posted your registration response requesting that your advisor enable your portal for registration.

Canvas Group for MFA Students

If you have not yet accepted your invitation to the MFA Students group in Canvas, please do that now. If you need the invitation resent to your Lindenwood email account, email your MFA Advisor to request that.

If you have accepted your invitation to the Canvas group but do not see the group on your Dashboard, you will need to add it to your Dashboard: Click on Courses in the left black column, then click All Courses. Scroll through your class list and locate MFA Students. Click the star to the left of the title MFA Students (the star will fill with color when you click it—if it doesn’t at first, click again until it fills). Once you have starred the group title, click on Dashboard, and you will see the MFA Students group there.


Students who request to self-register (RECOMMENDED):

1. In the MFA Students Canvas group, click on Modules, then click on Registration Response WIN QTR 18. Post your request for your advisor to enable your portal for winter self-registration.

2. Log into the student portal on November 13, on or after 7am CENTRAL time (adjust for your time zone as needed). Be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

3. Change the current term (top left by your name) to WIN QTR 18

4. Click on Registration in the left column. (If you receive an error message stating that your advisor has blocked your registration, then either you are in the wrong term—change to WIN QTR 18—or you did not post your request in Canvas for your advisor to enable your portal.)

5. To filter course offerings, click on SHOW FILTER. In the DEPARTMENT field, enter IMF to list all MFA classes. (On-campus students can filter further by entering 80 in the SECTION field.)

6. Click on the box by the first class you’d like to enroll in. It will be added add the top of the page. Continue to click the box next to any additional classes you would like to add. (For the on-campus cluster, click all three course numbers that include section number 80).

7. When all classes have been added to your schedule, click to process/save your schedule, then click OK to complete enrollment.

8. You can make schedule changes in your student portal through the end of open enrollment (for winter quarter, open enrollment ends December 21; classes will be viewable in Canvas for student review purposes on December 18). To drop a class, follow the registration instructions above, and then click the box next to that class in your schedule at the top of the page to remove it. To add a class, filter by IMF and click the box next to the class you want to add. Complete your registration as noted above. You can view your schedule at any time in your portal (be sure your portal is in term WIN QTR 18 to view the summer schedule). After open enrollment ends as of 12/21, students must email their advisor to make any schedule changes.

Registration FAQs

Students who request that their advisor enrolls them:

NOTE: The best chance of enrolling in a preferred class before it fills is to self-enroll when registration opens at 7am Central Time on 11/13. If you are unable to self-enroll, you may request that your advisor enrolls you, but be sure to list back-up class choices for any full classes.

To request that your advisor enrolls you: In the MFA Students Canvas group, click on Modules, then click on Registration Response WIN QTR 18. Post your request for your advisor to enroll you. List the classes you would like to take for winter, including back-up choices if you are taking online classes. Please make it clear how many online classes you wish to be enrolled in. Note that students will be enrolled in the order of their posted registration requests, and some classes will fill quickly before advisors can enroll you. If a class has filled before your registration, your advisor will enroll you in your first open back-up class.  

confirmation announcement will be posted in Canvas no later than 11:59pm on November 13 when all students have been enrolled (for those who posted their registration responses by 11/12). No individual confirmation emails will be sent. Students are responsible for then checking their schedule in the WIN QTR 18 student portal and noting if any they are enrolled in any back-up classes. 

To request that your advisor make changes to your schedule after initial enrollment, you can re-post in the Registration Response thread or email your advisor. 

Holds preventing registration

If your account is currently on a Business Hold (you can check this in your student portal, and individual emails will be sent before registration begins), you will need to contact the Business Office ( or 636-949-4962) to make arrangements to have the hold removed before the system will allow you to register for winter.

If your portal notes that you are on an academic hold, please email your MFA Advisor. The system will not allow your advisor to register you for classes until all holds are removed.

First Assignment Info


  • Read information about the Teacher Grant process (for teachers of elementary, middle school, or high school) HERE
  • Contact Admissions regarding the community college instructor grant
  • Contact Admissions regarding the 60+ grant

Emphasis Option

Read information about the option to declare an emphasis (not required) in fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction HERE.

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