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Lindenwood University Dance Concerts for the 2018-19 Season: Nov. 8-10, Feb. 7-9, and Apr. 11-13

Each concert presented by the Department of Dance features exclusive work by current faculty, guest artists, graduate assistants and selected students. Our goals are to showcase our students, share our curriculum, and entertain our audiences. Tickets for the Dance Concert series can be purchased from the Lindenwood University Box Office.

High School Dance Day - November 9, 2018

Juniors and Seniors from area high schools and dance studios are invited to take mini-classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop instructed by the Dance Program faculty. Participants eat lunch in our campus dining hall, tour the backstage area of the Lindenwood Theater, and receive a ticket to the Fall Dance Concert featuring Lindenwood University students and the Lindenwood University Dance Ensemble.

Click here for more information, and make sure you check out this Lindenlink article covering 2017's High School Dance Day! Contact Tricia Zweier for additional information.

Lindenwood University Dance Ensemble

The Lindenwood University Dance Ensemble focuses on composing and performing in local venues, including schools and community centers, as well as on-campus events. The collection of students selected represent Lindenwood in the Dance Ensemble are versatile performers who are able to excel in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and other repertory areas.

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