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Beginning in January 2020, the name School of Accelerated Degree Programs (ADP) will change to School of Professional Studies (SPS). Courses will be scheduled in 8-week terms that fall within the 16-week spring and fall semesters and the 12-week summer semester. Courses will be offered individually in both online and evening delivery formats. Students will select the format on a course-by-course basis allowing flexible choices based on preference and availability.

Students are challenged to expand their knowledge with exercises, techniques, and instruments to update and reinforce learning and enhance understanding of difficult concepts. In addition, students continue to develop their analytical and conceptual skills by enlarging their perspectives and identifying a balance between theory and practice with regard to their particular areas of study. At the completion of the program, students will be prepared to contribute to their organizations' goals by effectively administering and developing resources.

Throughout their programs of study, students will have opportunities to develop their communication skills, demonstrate workplace responsibility, use interpersonal skills, practice working within a team, and develop an appreciation of the importance of continuing growth and education with an emphasis on values-centered thinking. Students are encouraged to engage in speculative thinking and to develop original work and/or research in their major areas of interest. This work should be analytical rather than descriptive, demonstrating a distinct, defensible, methodological, and theoretical perspective.

Graduate Accelerated Degree Programs

These degrees will be housed in the School of Accelerated Programs until January 2020.

  • Master of Science in Administration (MSA)
  • Information Security Management (MS)
  • Trimester Programs in Information Technology

This degree is housed in the 2019-2020 Graduate Catalog.

Accelerated Degree Programs Catalog

Accelerated Degree Programs Catalog

View the current School of Accelerated Degree Programs Catalog for more information about our undergraduate and graduate degree program offerings.

2019-2020 ADP Catalog

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