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Apr 15

Special Notice Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Information

For updates on Lindenwood University’s pandemic safety precautions and vaccination information, please visit the Lindenwood COVID-19 page. More information is available on the CDC’s COVID-19 site. Complete the Initial Assessment Survey to report symptoms, exposure, or positive test results for COVID-19.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
— Socrates

The Philosophy & Religion program prepares you for success in any career by helping you analyze and evaluate the most important questions humanity has asked.  What is it to be human, natural, or divine?  Can we discover or achieve purpose, knowledge, and meaning?  How ought we to think, act, and organize ourselves together?  These are the sorts of questions explored within our program, which involve a multi-disciplinary engagement with the basic beliefs grounding a wide range of subject matter, including the historical, social, psychological, economic, legal, and scientific. 

Our program is designed to help you achieve the following important advantages:

  • best colleges badgeSought-after Skills. You will acquire critical reading, writing, and thinking skills, as well as oral communication and team building skills, which are essential to success in other disciplines and the workplace.
  • Personal Fulfillment. According to Aristotle, all people "by nature desire understanding," and in seeking understanding, we seek the "kinds of causes and principles whose science is wisdom." Therefore, the study of philosophy and religion is a natural, rewarding, and even necessary part of human existence.

Life as a Philosophy & Religion Student

Tanner Cook, B.A. Philosophy, Traditional Emphasis, Class of 2016

The Philosophy and Religion program offers many opportunities to get involved, acquire real experience, and achieve real success. Learn more about our students, alumni, and extracurricular Philosophy & Religion events and groups.

Making a career out of what you love: Jobs in Philosophy & Religion

Philosophy & Religion prepare you for a wide variety of careers that are fulfilling, engaging, and influential.

What can you do with a BA in Philosophy & Religion? You can find careers in many areas of the business and academic worlds. Majors often move on to post-graduate study and become teachers or lawyers. Other graduates pursue careers in politics or medicine. The Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics is an excellent resource for you as you plan your career.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Semester-long, short term, and summer opportunities are available for those who would like the excitement and challenge of studying outside of the U.S.

Learn more about study abroad opportunities for Philosophy & Religion.

Our Philosophy & Religion Faculty

Our program includes faculty that represents a variety of scholarly interests in philosophy & religion.

Learn a bit more about who your teachers are, and what they've been up to lately.

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