Academic Support

Academic Support


Lion Life Coaches

Lion Life Coaches are available to form a supportive and coaching relationship with students. Lion Life Coaches help with the transition to college living, development of learning strategies such as time management, goal setting, study habits, and exam preparation. SASS Mentors are also available. These graduate students empower students during their college adjustment and encourage successful decision making.

Students can schedule a meeting time by emailing or calling (636) 949-4699.

Location: Library and Academic Resources Center, Suite 346

Tutor Services

Tutoring is available to Lindenwood University students seeking to enhance their academic performance. To learn more about our tutor services, see the current tutor schedule, access online tutoring, and view other academic support programs, please visit the tutor services web page.

Testing Services

Testing Services are available to all students who have an excused absence due to an athletic or medical event or have accommodations through the university. For more information regarding these services or to make an exam appointment, please visit the testing services web page.

Study Strategies

Study strategies are important aspects needed in all areas of collegiate coursework. SASS has created helpful resources covering various topics that can be found conveniently online. To review these topics, please visit the Study Strategies web page.

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