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Students in the MFA in Writing program choose 45 credit hours of coursework from the MFA curriculum. Additionally, all students enroll in the 3-credit graduate Thesis at the end of their program, for a total of 48 credit hours.

The MFA program offers workshop classes, literature classes, and craft classes in a wide variety of genres and focus areas. Students may choose to take coursework on-campus (9-credit clusters, one night per week), or fully online, or through a combination of both delivery methods. 

Classes are offered intermittently on a rotating schedule. For students who do not declare an emphasis, there are no required classes (other than the Thesis) and no class prerequisites; students may choose the coursework that works best for them. Students who choose to declare an emphasis in Fiction, Poetry, or Creative Nonfiction must take at least 27 credit hours in the emphasis area, including at least one Foundational course in that genre, and their final Thesis must focus primarily on that genre.

The Fall Quarter 2017 MFA class schedule can be viewed HERE

The Winter Quarter 2018 MFA class schedule can be viewed HERE. 


MFA Class List and Catalog Course Descriptions

To supplement the catalog descriptions with more details for our students, our instructors have also provided personalized descriptions for some of our classes. Click on the class titles below to view course descriptions and textbook information.

Instructor Course Descriptions & Textbooks:

IMF 51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA - Patricia Feeney

IMF 51602 Fiction Genres: Fiction Craft & Workshop – David Hollingsworth

IMF 51701 Poetry Genres: Women Poets - Eve Jones

IMF 51605 Fiction Genres: Breaking the Fourth Wall – Eve Jones

IMF 51702 Poetry Genres: The Sonnet - Anothai Kaewkaen

IMF 52100 Focused Poetry Workshop - Andrew Pryor

IMF 52101 Focused Poetry Workshop: Ekphrastic Poetry - Eve Jones

IMF 52104 Focused Poetry Workshop: Poetry Bootcamp - Eve Jones

IMF 52200 Focused Fiction Workshop - Kali VanBaale

IMF 52201 Focused Fiction Workshop: George Saunders - Zachary Vickers

IMF 52202 Focused Fiction Workshop: Flash Fiction Workshop - Zachary Vickers

IMF 52208 Focused Fiction Workshop: Novel II Workshop - Kali VanBaale

IMF 52209 Focused Fiction Workshop: Revision Workshop - Kali VanBaale

IMF 52305 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Longform Narrative Journalism - Tony D'Souza

IMF 52306 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Lyric & Personal Essays - Wm Anthony Connolly 

IMF 52307 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Memoir Chapter Workshop – Kali VanBaale

IMF 52308 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Personal Essay Craft & Workshop - David Hollingsworth

IMF 52400 Focused Scriptwriting Workshop - Zachary Vickers

IMF 52500 Poetry Writing Workshop - Eve Jones

IMF 52706 Selected Emphases in Poetry: Asian Poetry – Anothai Kaewkaen

IMF 53500 Fiction Writing Workshop - Tony D'Souza

IMF 53600 Fundamentals of Contemporary Fiction – Wm Anthony Connolly

IMF 53705 Selected Emphases in Fiction: The Long Story & Novella - Ted Morrissey

IMF 53707 Selected Emphases in Fiction: African American Literature - Tony D'Souza

IMF 54107 Special Topics Focused Workshop: Writing Flash Fiction - Zachary Vickers

IMF 54108 Special Topics Focused Workshop: Publishing Creative Writing - Nicole McInnes

IMF 54109 Special Topics Focused Workshop: Spiritual Writing: Memoir - Wm Anthony Connolly

IMF 54301 Genre Fiction as Literature: Young Adult Literature - Nicole McInnes

IMF 54302 Genre Fiction as Literature: The Graphic Novel as Memoir – Zachary Vickers

IMF 54304 Genre Fiction as Literature: Classic Sci-Fi/Horror by Women Writers – Ted Morrissey

IMF 54403 Genre Fiction Workshop: Young Adult Literature - Nicole McInnes

IMF 54408 Genre Fiction Workshop: Romance Writing - Charlene Engleking

IMF 54600 The Personal Essay - Andrew Pryor

IMF 55100 Fiction Craft Foundations – Christopher Candice

IMF 55200 Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations - Lisa Haag

IMF 55300 Poetry Craft Foundations - Ryan Smith

IMF 55600 The Prose Collection: Annie Dillard - Lisa Haag

IMF 55601 The Prose Collection: David Sedaris – Lisa Haag

IMF 55602 The Prose Collection: Raymond Carver - Mary Anderson

IMF 55800 Adv Studies in Prose: Shakespearean Revisionist Fictions - Ted Morrissey

IMF 56100 Classic Foundational Literature: Fiction - Christopher Candice

IMF 56200 Classic Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction - Lisa Haag

IMF 56300 Classic Foundational Literature: Poetry – Ryan Smith

IMF 57301 The Literary Novel: Contemporary Fiction - Tony D'Souza

IMF 58100 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Fiction - Christopher Candice

IMF 58200 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction – Lisa Haag

IMF 58300 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Poetry - Ryan Smith

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